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In the meantime, its buying time for the termites to continue on their destructive path and extensively hurt your property.4. The impact of intervening events on the lifespan of your termite treatmentOther factors that might undermine the effectiveness and longevity of a termite treatment include:subsidence (soil compaction, expansion and movement)water flows or flooding around your propertymajor excavation works (including demolition, building or extension works) carried out on your own property.If the soil immediately adjacent to your propertys been significantly disrupted, youll need to consider whether your termite treatments doing its job correctly at all.Getting the ideal answers How long will YOUR termite treatment lastIf youve recently obtained a propertyup until recently it had been extremely difficult to find out whether a termite treatment had been applied, the product used and date of application.Bit by bit, stricter regulation of the industry is moving to conquer this issue.

In addition, you can find out more information about your propertys most recent re treatment by consulting the information contained on a treatment tag positioned inside your meter box. This informations a starting point for estimating the probable life-span of your termite treatment.How best to maximiseBaits over termiticides. As with any termite control product, we recommend that you

Read available literature about the merchandise and make certain that you understand the way the product works and that which guarantee(s) the pest control company will supply to protect your house from further afield assault and harm.

All the currently approved termite bait products are registered for"standalone" use, i.e., as the sole means of controlling the termites. Some pest control companies try this may recommend that they treat the soil using a liquid (if at all possible ) to prevent current termite activity in the house either to the immediate area of termite activity (i.e., a"spot" treatment) or possibly to the entire outside of the structure with all the baits serving as a monitoring/supplemental control component.

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Below, you will find information about the common baiting/monitoring systems registered for use in North Carolina by pest control professionals. These products are listed alphabetically. The mention here of specific products is not an endorsement of any one product over another or suggesting that baiting is better or worse than a soil treatment.

Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System (Ensystex) - Exterra uses inground monitoring-baiting system. When the stations are installedthey contain only cellulose"interceptors". When termites are found feeding on the interceptors in the station, the lure matrix is inserted into the station's central cavity. The lure, Labyrinth, is a cellulose-based material which contains the insect growth regulator"diflubenzuron".

Exterra also has an aboveground baiting system that can function as infestations are available within the structure. For more information about the product: phone: 1-888-Exterra (398-3772) or Colony Elimination System (Dow AgroSciences). Sentricon is a monitoring-baiting system. Inground stations are installed around a construction at specific intervals (not exceeding 20 ft ).

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When termites were found in the monitoring station, the monitors are substituted with a lure tube containing Recruit IV with the insect growth regulator"noviflumuron". Together with the newer version of Sentricon, referred to as"Always Active," the stations are installed together with the bait (Recruit HD) already inside them. An aboveground station, RecruitIV AG, is used in conjunction with the inground stations when termites are directly available within the structure.

Trelona ATBS is a monitoring-baiting system that employs the insect growth regulator"novaluron." At the time of installation, the stations are pre-baited you can look here with two degrees: one a grooved cylinder of timber and the other a Puri-Cell monitoring matrix. When termites are found feeding in a station, a termite bait cartridge is inserted on top of the timber monitoring foundation.

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